About Ira David and Out-Write Media

Ira David Levy is the creator, executive producer and on-air host of Pedal America, the national TV series on PBS stations.

His extensive writing background includes having published numerous articles for national, regional, and local magazines. He once worked for CNN, in Atlanta, and holds a Masters Degree in Writing from DePaul University.

In 1995, Wright College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, hired Ira David to build the school's journalism program from scratch. As a full-time tenured Assistant Professor, he taught English Composition, Business Writing, Magazine Feature Writing, Newspaper Writing and Reporting, and other media studies courses, and served as adviser to the award-winning student-run news organization, The Wright Times.

In 1998, Ira David founded Out-Write Media as a business writing workshop and consulting group to share both his knowledge and passion for helping others to realize their greatest potential. Clients include Abbott Laboratories, The United Way, SCA Consulting, Sears, and others. In 2011, he resigned from Wright College to produce his brainchild project, Pedal America, which broadcasts in 90% of PBS's household reach. Ira David is a co-executive producer on corporate videos and other television projects because he genuinely enjoys watching other people's visions come to fruition.

"It makes perfect sense to combine my business writing workshop and executive producing services under the umbrella of Out-Write Media," Ira David says. "Having a national TV series is a dream. Whether it's a TV show, a corporate video, or effective writing skills to land that big client, all dreams that become reality start with a single word on paper."