This workshop builds writing skills that command attention, inform, persuade, and produce a desired reader response.

In this intimate 8-hour session, Ira David designs and delivers a customized set of writing tools that enable your team to develop a command over writing for a variety of formats. Click here to learn more.


THE WRITE E-tiquette

The Write E-tiquette is a  fun, 5-hour interactive workshop that aims to increase your staff's productivity by teaching them to properly write and send workplace email. 

Designed for hands-on computer use, participants learn to write concisely, sharpen editing activities, eliminate unnecessary words, recognize proper length and paragraphing, create appropriate Subject lines, and build proper email etiquette. Click here to learn more.

Grammar, Right?

Who said grammar has to be dull?  "Who," said grammar, "has to be dull." 

Your employees will smile when they encounter some of the sentences Ira David uses to help sharpen grammar and sentence structure skills in this 4 or 5-hour workshop. Click here to learn more.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Words on paper are typically the first tools you will need and use to impress a future employer. But with the abundance of well-written resumes employers receive, how does a candidate's resume really make it to the top of the pile?

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