• Have you ever sent a sponsorship proposal through a company's online sponsorship portal and get a positive reply?

  • Have you ever called a brand to speak with someone in marketing? Did you get through to the decision maker? Did you get a reply?

  • Do you have direct access to a brand's correct decision makers?

  • Do you have direct access to a brand's advertising and marketing AOR?

  • Have you ever paid a marketing company to help acquire sponsorship funding and receive details about the work they did and who they contacted?

  • Did that marketing company work on a retainer, plus commission?

  • Has a broadcast or cable network expressed interest in carrying your show, but require you to go out and acquire all or part of the sponsorship funding?

Do You Have The Resources Needed To Produce Your Television Series or Documentary?

If you answered "No" to any of the first four questions, we can help.