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Most job seekers think a resume is used for landing a new job. While it's certainly part of the process, the resume's foremost function is to land you a job interview.

Most of the time, a resume is the first impression you will make on an employer. The job interview is where you get to make your second impression. To increase your chances of making that second impression, your first impression must succeed.

Many resume writing services do a very good job at creating resumes that represent you, the job candidate.  But with the abundance of well-written resumes employers receive, how does a candidate's resume really make it to the top of the pile?

Your resume must show that you know something about the employer's needs. That is how we at Out-Write Media begin to craft your resume.

Ira David understands the impact a carefully crafted resume can have and has a genuine passion for helping others to reach their greatest potential. That is why he insists on offering a resume writing service.

service Details

  • CONSULT with you on your personal profile and career goals, and work with you to identify the needs of the company and employer to which you're applying.

  • REVIEW the specific job qualities and experience your desired job position requires so we can insert into your cover letter and resume key words and phrases that will connect with the employer.

  • CREATE a carefully crafted cover letter and resume.

  • DELIVER, via email, a pdf and Word.doc cover letter and resume.


A cover letter is often the first tool an employer will look at to gain her or his first impression of a job candidate. The purpose of a well-crafted cover letter is to lead the employer to look at the resume. So it must be perfect.

 A one or two-page resume outlines your work history, skill sets, and other core strengths and accomplishments. A carefully written resume needs to lead the employer to call you in for an interview.

A C/V (Curriculum Vitae) is an extensive resume more widely used by professionals in medicine, law, science, and academia. Unlike a resume, a C/V can run many pages. In addition to employment history, it typically includes dissertation details, medical or social science studies, teaching philosophy, and other items not found on a resume.


Resume editing is essential to making sure your work history is up to date, cleared of unnecessary items, and customized to the specific job to which you're applying. This takes time and deserves as much care as writing a new resume.

A Linkedin profile is a wonderful networking tool for job seekers, employers searching for candidates, and anybody looking to connect with professionals to help advance their careers. Writing a Linkedin profile requires time and care because anybody can land on your profile and form an immediate first impression of you. We're happy to build your profile while you spend time on other important things - like job hunting.


  • 1-2 page Resume: $100

  • Cover Letter: $75

  • Resume with Cover Letter:   $150 - Standard

  • Resume with Cover Letter: $110 - Verifiable College Student

  • CV's  with Cover Letter: $175 (Up to 4-pages) Additional pages ($25 each)

  • CV Cover Letter $75 

  • Reference page: $20

  • Resume Editing: $75

  • C/V Editing: $100

  • Linkedin Profiles: $90

          Updates: $25

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