Executive Producing

Thank you for visiting our website and exploring if Out-Write Media can help to transcend your television dream into a reality.

As the creator, executive producer, and host of my own national TV series, Pedal America, I understand the passion and drive you have to see your dream to become a reality.  I've been there, and am still here living the dream.

Producing a television show is very hard work. More than having a fresh and compelling idea, an Emmy-award winning crew, and engaging on-air talent, your project must have funding.

The Truth About Funding

Acquiring funding is the real and unglamorous work of television. The time spent to fund a project through corporate sponsorship can take up to 90% of the entire project's effort.

Doing it alone without the proper tools can make your dream feel impossible. I'm not going to sugar-coat like many others will do to win-over your money. The reality: funding a show is tough, time consuming, daunting work. And, it's possible!

At Out-Write Media we have the resources and know-how to connect with the correct decision-makers you need to help fund your project.

Instead of hiding behind our efforts, like many agencies, we work alongside you the entire length of the journey. After all, the project is your brainchild and nobody knows it like you do. So we'll need your help just as much as you'll need ours.

If you already have guaranteed national distribution in place, please call us for a free 30-minute consultation.

I also have access to a dynamic team of editors, videographers, sound mixers, and production assistants, and one heck of production manager  - if you need them.

Out-Write Media works only with productions that already have guaranteed national distribution.

We offer a free 20-minute consultation.

To set up a free consultation, contact us.

Our Television Editing Partner

Mint Media Worksis a full-service production house experienced in producing, directing, and editing hundreds of national television programs. Our Emmy award-winning staff has spent  more than 20 years producing shows around the world from middle-America to Asia, Africa, and beyond.

Mint Media Works is a proud production partner of Out-Write Media.